Politics and Poiesis in Telematic Participation

Perjantaina 23. maaliskuuta 2018 18:00 — 23:00 LIVE STREAM

listen: http://stream.vadelma.org:61974/korppiradio.ogg

We’ll use only this one 265 kbps live stream due to technical difficulties.

Politics and Poiesis in Telematic Participation

6.PM Juan Duarte and Mikko Lipiäinen give introductory talk

6.10 PM Remote Talk by Rhizomatica. Video conference

6.45 PM Remote Talk by ITAPECO. Video conference,

7.15 PM Round Table with Participants

7.30 PM Screening of Video by Nicolas Montgermont

7.45 PM Artist Remote Talk by Nicolas Montgermont

8 PM Listening of Absolute Value of Noise – Peter Courtemanche

8.15 Audience Break – Changing Setup for live performances

8.30 Mikko Lipiäinen – The telematic human microphone

9 PM Shinji Kanki  performance with radio receivers.

9.30 Pm Juan Duarte. Improvisation with Radio Feedback