Cine club ELO/KUVA

Kammari’s Cine Club ELO/KUVA discussions are broadcasted live and recordings will be found on this page. Organised by Kammari Research Group. Email: sakari (at)

The first on-going series of the Cine Club is called Technology as Ideology.

Recordings of the sessions:

Session 1 – Her

How technology affects social relations? By Professor Victor Krebs. The film of the first session was Her by Spike Jonze. First in the discussion recording, a 15-minute intro to the motivations of mr. Krabs, and after the film discussion of the topics of alienation, technology, social relations, love, power of the human eye, existence of the body etc:

      Cine Club session 1 - Technology as Ideology: Her

Session 2 – Primer

Miten haluamme hallita aikaa ja merkityksiä // How we try to control time and meanings (the conversation in Finnish):

      Cine Club session 2 - Technology as Ideology: Primer