Yhteiskunnallista liikettä (Political Movement)

Yhteiskunnallista liikettä (Political Movement) is a movement that is taking place also in Korppiradio and it re-determines protesting and discovers new ways of political action.

Yhteiskunnallista liikettä is a loose concept of artistic activism that celebrates diversity and seeks and creates spaces to communicate. It started as a 31-day continuation in December 2017 and continues as a whirlwind where everyone acts as an independent actor, not as a rigorous group.

What would you like to do? For what? Although the frame is loose, it is naturally anti-racist and anti-fascist. The emphasis is not on resistance, but on strengthening, finding new connections, and entering into new relationships – and in the political nature of everything in daily life.

Currently, the show consists of music, lectures, theatre (including the Baltic Circle-festival) as well as performance and dance.

#yhteiskunnallistaliikettä is a connecting link between different events and you are free to use it if you feel like doing political movement.It would be nice to hear from your movements also.

Current upcoming shows:

3.3.2018 Community arts, a critical look -trilogy: the first part introduces the theme of community arts and critique to it with Vuk Cosik and Pascal Guilen. In collaboration with NeMe Arts Centre – NeMe.org.

10.3.2018 Community arts, a critical look -trilogy: the second part of the trilogy deepens the understanding of community media and arts in an interview with Nico Carpentier. In collaboration with NeMe Arts Centre – NeMe.org.

17.3.2018 Community arts, a critical look -trilogy: in the third part of the trilogy Helen Hahmann from Corax-radio and Sakari Laurila form Korppiradio take to the streets to discover what community media and arts mean in the actuality. In collaboration with NeMe Arts Centre – NeMe.org.