What is Korppiradio?

The Korppiradio is a village radio that grows from the grass roots, but can be heard globally.

The aim is to create a community-based media with space for critical discussion, non-violent encounters between people, free expression of individuals and presence of otherwise marginal culture, music and art.

Korppiradio explores, observes, criticises, tells stories, slams poetry, floats, opposes and makes noise. It raises music and art from the backstage of the usual cultural spectacle, thinking from inside and outside of the current mainstream and greetings from the realities of each other. The radio is made up of a community of radio makers and listeners.

A political aim of Korppiradio is that the grass roots radio is part of a wider social transformation based on the do-it-yourself principle and combines people to build self-sufficiency in their lives – in this case of communication and the media. The Korppiradio is a free media that can creatively and critically address topics that can not be found in mainstream media.

The live stream of the Korppiradio is audible on the Internet. On Korppiradio’s website, listeners and authors can communicate in real time with each other by typing through a Shout Box. Information about different programs and broadcast recordings are available on the programs’ own pages, which can be found in the top bar menu. FM-broadcasts reaching the neighborhood are occasionally performed with temporary FM-transmission licenses and a small transmitter.

In the radio it is possible to challenge oneself and one’s own perceptions. The radio is an opportunity for self-reflection and collective creativity. As a author of a show you can choose the extent to which you want to appear with your identity first or the content first. The radio creates connectivity, communication and interaction as far as our small FM-transmitter, and after the Internet and shared language travels. Makers are listeners and listeners can be makers – the field of communication is vivid and unlimited.

Korppiradio broadcasts started in Kallio neighbourhood of Helsinki in 2013.


Korppiradio makers