Social space

Korppiradio is a communal and non-commercial radio, where individuals are free to make their own content. The Korppiradio makers are also searching and trying out new collective ways of radio production.

In the differences of views lies the core of a new sort of creative social space. Fearless expression of differences enables free criticism and assimilation to different experiences and views. Despite our differences we can collaborate in dialogue where opinions, beliefs and the full scale of human experience can be in a peaceful conflict.

Korppiradio is open to everyone who are open to self-criticism and agree with the principles of our voluntary and non-commercial radio.

Korppiradio is deliberately broke. It does not seek to become exchange value or make profit. Korppiradio is not owned by anyone and can not be privatised. Korppiradio does not sell ads. Korppiradio is beyond commodification.

The running costs (rent, equipment, costs of the studio) are funded by crowd funding, support concerts and other such alternative means of support.

The ripples of power belong to the horizontal collective of makers. Decisions are taken at meetings and a consensus is sought. Our way of trying to dismantle power is making it apparent and become conscious of it.

Makers of the shows make their content autonomously without censorship, intervention or pressure by anyone. Conflict is not only permissible but desirable. Korppiradio makers’ collective define the outlines of the radio content as an ongoing process.

Makers are responsible for their own shows. A program may be left unpublished by a collective decision if it is perceived, for example, to be a violent, racist, or otherwise inconsistent with the principles of the radio collective.

Listen to the principles here.