Friday 16 March at 13-20h: Radio Salvador – Helsinki – Arraial:
conexões livres por um outro mundo possivel!

Pixelache’s Parasite Radio will network with Brazilian hacker culture
communities during the World Social Forum! The Radio Salvador –
Helsinki – Arraial experiment will gather people from various fields
to a permacultural agroforest ITAPECO in Arraial D’ajuda and Mezanino
do Onda Digital UFBA in Salvador to discuss various topics such as the
connection between hacker culture, activism and ecology, digital and
fabrication divide as well as issues related to accessibility in
informal learning.

The discussion held mostly in Portuguese and English will be streamed
via Helsinki based in 16th of March at 13-20h Helsinki
local time (UTC+2).

The online radio network is a collaboration between ITAPECO, Bailux,
Raul Hacker Club, ÈduCanal Rádio FACED and Grupo de Pesquisa,
Educação, Comunicação e Tecnologias (GEC/FACED/UFBA) and Parasite