Upcoming shows and news:
  • BioSignals. Starting 18.5.2018 until Spring 2019. Read more.
  • Cut-ups. Radio format. experimentation. starting in May. 2018.
  • Korppiradio Forum is now open. Join the discussion!
  • 9.3. Korppiradio’s new website and shows published!
  • Flâneuse is a new show of poetry, texts and improvised music. Reading poetry and other texts with home made improvised music accompaniments. First show on 9.3.2018 at 20:00.
  • Yhteiskunnallista liikettä (Political movement) continues on Saturdays 14:00-16:00. first broadcasts will be the trilogy of critique to community arts made in collaboration with Corax-radio on Saturday 17.3.
  • Betoniviidakko continues 17.3.2018. In the first show we meet NYC based artist Hannah Ezzell in free discussion. The topics include US politics, history of exploitation and inherited trauma.
  • Kuolemattomien kirjoissa (In The Books Of The Immortals) is Korppiradio‘s new show. Reading poetry and other texts with improvised music. First show on 11.3.2018 at 20:00.
  • Eksynyt marjastaja returns! The private one person philosophy show on Saturdays 16:00-18:00 (in Finnish).
  • Pornoradio continues 2018. Discussion on sexual topics, gender norms etc. on the way towards liberation.
  • Kammari research is a new program for experimental thinking and arts. The first dialogue in 20th of March 2018. First topic: Technology as Ideology. The show will broadcast dialogues and research of the Kammari research group.
  • Akan kirjassa is a show with topics ranging for example from mythology and traditional healing. Every third Thursday at 18:00 (in Finnish).
  • VadelmaRadion publishes Fullmoon Festival -LIVE-recordings! From Käpylä lippakiska 6.9.2017.
  • Raster Network – Racism Panel 1.10.2016 @Caisa in Archived shows.
  • Pluriversity on Korppiradio
  • Elävän kuvan seuran (The Society Of Living Image) lectures of film makers to film makers in a independent film academy (mainly in Finnish).